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Recovery housing promote recovery by increasing the recovery capital of its residents. Human capital includes self-esteem and self-efficacy—terms which refer to a person’s belief in their own value and self-determination.

While there are many examples of resident rights, they all should reinforce recovery capital. It validates residents’ shifting previous experiences from complying with an external authority to finding authority within themselves. Resident rights establish an individual’s choice to be in the recovery house community while allowing grievances and autonomy.

A well written resident rights statement empowers those that may not have had rights in previous life experiences. Upholding rights helps set the tone of trust between the recovery housing operators, among residents, and within the recovery house community.

Also, a well written resident rights statement also helps operators know that they are doing the right thing if they must remove a resident who may be infringing on the rights of other residents or if there is a direct threat to the health or safety within the recovery house.

Be sure to refer to the resident agreement (and other pertinent documents) to follow proper procedures. Consult an attorney for further advice if you have any questions or concerns about removing a resident.

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