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Review this sample resident rights statement to create your own. (Feel free to copy and paste this text to help create your own Resident Rights Statement. Read the document carefully and change text with information that is appropriate for your residence. Failure to uphold the rights listed in this document will have serious consequences.)

Sample Resident’s Rights

1. The right to be verbally informed of all resident rights in a manner that the resident will understand.

2. The right to request a written copy of all resident rights and the grievance procedure.

3. The right to exercise one’s own rights without reprisal, except that no right extends so far as to supersede health and safety considerations.

4. The right to file a grievance in accordance with name of house policy.

5. The right to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times, and with consideration for personal dignity, autonomy and privacy.

6. The right to confidentiality of communications and personal identifying information within the limitations and requirements for disclosure of resident information under state and federal laws and regulations.

7. The right to have access to one’s own record.

8. The right not to be discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, developmental disability, genetic information, human immunodeficiency virus status or in any manner prohibited by local, state or federal laws.

9. The right to practice a religion of his or her choice or to abstain from the practice of religion.

10. The right to be informed in writing of the rates charged by the recovery house, as well as any additional charges.

11. The right not to be locked out of the recovery house at any time.

12. The right not to be locked in the recovery house at any time for any reason.

13. The right to consult with an independent treatment specialist or legal counsel at one’s own expense.

14. The right to privately meet with staff from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

15. The right not to be deprived of any legal rights, including landlord tenant rights and fair housing rights solely by reason of residence in the recovery house.

16. The right to personal property and possessions, unless prohibited by house policy.

17. The right to full explanation regarding the loss or restriction of housing privileges, and methods to reinstate the privileges.

18. The right to request and receive in a timely manner a written receipt for any payments made or statement of account that details any expenses, charges and payments made.

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