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Introduction to Recovery Residences in the US

This course offers an introduction and overview of recovery residences in the United State. Recovery residences are sober, safe and peer support living environments that promote recovery from substance use and co-occurring issues.

Audience(s)house manager, owner/operator, provider
Topic(s)recovery housing, recovery residences

This course is open to anyone. No prerequisites are required.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe elements of the recovery residence marketplace
  • Identify preferred and common recovery residence language
  • Discuss relative policies given the various service components
  • Recognize key past, present, and future milestones
  • Contrast the different types or levels of support
  • Identify quality assurance mechanisms
  • Describe key governance and leadership roles
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ORH Outcomes Tools Training

Please log in to your account in order to access this material.This training will provide an introduction to the ORH outcomes tools and basic instructions for their use.  This trainings is designed to ensure that you know how the tool is to be used, as well as for you to ensure that your home is…

Audience(s)Operators and staff of recovery housing in Ohio.
Topic(s)ORH Outcomes Tools

You must be an operator of recovery housing in the state of Ohio as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 340.01


This training will:

  1. Provide a preview of ORH resident survey
  2. Explain what information needs to be submitted to ORH in order to allow residents to start completing the resident survey
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Recovery Literacy

Recovery literacy is the degree to which individuals have “the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic information, supports and services needed to make appropriate decisions in support of recovery”. Recovery literacy helps you support recovery for yourself and for others, and the aim of a recovery-oriented program should be to instill the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to develop and maintain a recovery lifestyle.

Audience(s)administrator, affected family member, individual, workforce
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Administrative Policy and Procedures

Please log in to your account in order to access this material.Every recovery residence will have operational features as well as therapeutic features. The principles and individual standards contained within “NARR Standard Domain 1, Administrative Operations” describe the infrastructure of a recovery home. Any recovery residence can promote itself as safe and stable, but a…

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Recovery Residence Certification Application Reviewer Guide

Please log in to your account in order to access this material.The Recovery Residence Certification Application Reviewer Guide teaches NARR Affiliate certification Reviewers how to assess application submission against best and ethical standards.

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Social Model Recovery

This course takes a comprehensive look at social model, a type of recovery support that focuses on ecological, cultural and social determinate of health. Social model programs are where the setting is the service, and social model is the foundation for many recovery services, such as recovery housing.

Audience(s)house manager
Topic(s)recovery, recovery housing, recovery residences
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The Fundamentals of Being a Recovery House Manager

A series of virtual classes for recovery housing managers. This course is a series of virtual classes for recovery housing managers and is offered periodically throughout the year.

Audience(s)house manager
Topic(s)recovery housing
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