How to Register and Login into the LMS

If you are a first-time user, complete the Register section by clicking on My Account. Enter your name, city and state, email address and password. To receive text based LMS alerts, please add your mobile phone number. But this part is totally optional.

Please know that ORH values your privacy. Your personal data will only be used to support your user experience within the LMS, and to manage access to your LMS account.

Once you register, ORH will send you an email to confirm access. That email may ask you to set a new password, but since you already set a new password when you registered, this request is optional.

Now that you are registered, login to the LMS. On the left is My Learning, this where you can enter Account Details, such as organization name, update your street address, and add your preferred personal pronouns, if you wish.

Now you can access all the online on-demand courses that Ohio Recovery Housing has to offer by clicking on the Course Catalog at the top of the LMS web page.

Access Your Course(s)

To find a course click on the Course Catalog link at the top of the page which will display all the courses ORH has to offer. Now, click on the VIEW COURSE button of the course you wish to complete. This will open the course where you will find a brief description of the course, the learning objectives, and the estimated time required to complete the course.

Now click on the ENROLL button within the course, which will automatically enroll you into the course, send you an email to confirm enrollment, and upon completion, issue a Certificate of Completion for your records. Please note that the ENROLL button will not appear if the user is not logged into the LMS.

If you look at the COURSE SYLLABUS on the right, it will indicate whether you are enrolled or not.

Take a moment to view the layout of the course. At the top is the title of the lesson you are viewing, and at the bottom is your navigation button to advance to the next lesson, or to return to the previous lesson. Use this navigation feature to advance through the course.

On the right are all the lessons listed within the course under the COURSE SYLLABUS. As you advance through the course, each lesson will be crossed through to indicate that you have completed that particular lesson of the course.

As you progress through the course, there will be Assessments or Check for Understanding quizzes that you will be required to complete correctly in order to receive your Certificate of Completion. When you click on SUBMIT the course will indicate whether you have answered all the questions correctly, or not. If you have incorrect answers, you are required to Try Again. You can continue with the course without answering questions correctly, but you will not receive a Certificate of Completion.

Continue to navigate through the course until you reach the end.

Please complete a Post Training Survey to help ORH continue to offer highly effective educational opportunities, and follow the NEXT Steps instructions.