Resident Rights Statement: Other Considerations

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The Resident Rights Statement should be unique to the recovery house organization and residents, depending on the program. You may consider adding the following resident rights to help advance equity, inclusion and establish the culture that you would like to have within your home.

Though the following is NOT required for a resident rights statement order to achieve certification, it is recommended that they be considered and included – if you determine them to be appropriate for your organization.


The Right to Express or Refrain from Religious Expression

Some recovery homes are affiliated with faith-based institutions and may require participation in faith-based activities as a part of their recovery programs.  Other programs may wish to establish a culture where individuals of all religious backgrounds may express their spiritual beliefs, or where individuals can choose to not express any religious tradition.

Consider including this in your resident rights statement to allow your current residents, future residents, community, and others to know about your program’s commitment to this type of environment.


Residents Have the Inherent Right to Express Their Gender Identity – Including the Right to Use Chosen Names and Pronouns and Make Personal Choices Regarding Gender Expression.

Recovery homes are permitted to be single gender program.  However, even homes that may be considered single gender may seek ways to be more welcoming and inclusive of individuals who identify as trans or non-binary.  For those recovery homes that are taking active steps to be more inclusive, including a right to freely express gender identity will help set expectations for all residents on how they are expected to interact with residents who identify outside of the male/female binary the resident rights statement will show to potential residents that your home is supportive regarding gender identity.