Outcomes Tools: Passing Assessments

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ORH wants to do our best to make sure that everyone is properly trained before allowing access. As you will find out later in the training, you will learn how your organization can register for the Outcome Tools. But once the organizational information is submitted, it can not be changed.  So, if you submit your information incorrectly, you could not only be messing up data for your own organization, but potentially someone else’s as well.

So, you will be required to pass a few assessments during this training in order to gain access to the Outcomes Tools.

The Learning Objectives are:

  1. Learn about eligibility requirements for the Outcomes tool.
  2. Learn about the outcomes tool’s resident survey – where the resident completes the survey
  3. Learn about about the data dashboard where you will see the survey results
  4. Learn about how to register for the outcomes tools