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How to Register for the Outcomes Tools

Complete Outcomes Tools Training

ORH must have a record of a Certificate of Completion on the on-demand training or a record of your successful participation in a live webinar on the Outcomes Tools. If we don’t have a record of you attending a training, your registration for the Outcomes Tools will not be granted. A Certificate of Completion will be recorded within this LMS at the successful completion of this training (as long as you pass all the assessments).

Also, if multiple members of your organization want access to the Data Dashboard, those individuals must also have a record of successfully attending a training. Otherwise access will not be granted.

Accurately Complete the Registration Form

Incorrect or incomplete registration forms will be denied. Once we get the completed form from your organization – ORH can not change anything after it is submitted – so it is highly recommend that if there are multiple people from your organization completing the Outcomes Tools training, have a conversation amongst yourselves and pick one person who’s going to fill out the registration form for your organization.

ORH is only considering the registration form that was submitted FIRST and any other registrations submitted afterwards are going to be discarded. The exception is if you are adding a new home or adding new dashboard access for new staff for organizations that are already registered. If there some confusion on your registration, ORH will reach out to you to clarify.

As of the summer of 2023, we have over 250 houses already registered, so check with your director if your organization has already registered. And please give ORH plenty of time to complete the backend of your registration.