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To register for the Outcomes Tools, or to add new recovery houses to your organization’s Resident Survey, or to add new names to have access to the Data Dashboard, find the Outcomes Tools page on the ORH website under Resources for Operator and then click Register for the Outcomes Tool. 

(If navigation instruction appears to be different, please let ORH know by contacting ORH at outcomes@ohiorecoveryhousing.org so we can correct the information)

When you first open the registration form you need to select whether you are a county board OR a recovery house operator. Selecting one or the other will change the registration format.

If you select Recovery House Operator, choose whether you are a first time registrant, OR whether your organization is already registered and you need to add a new recovery home to the listing, OR whether you need to add a new staff member to have access to the Data Dashboard. The form will expand differently depending on your selection.

Accurately enter the information requested including organization name, house name(s), those who will receive monthly reminders to get residents to take the Resident Survey at the appropriate time intervals, and those within the organization who are permitted to have access the the Data Dashboard.

If you are a county board, then select County Board, and complete the form including entering those staff members who will have access to the Data Dashboard to see a summary of the Resident Survey results in the area the county board serves.

When this form is submitted, ORH will review the registration and get your organization set up.

You can view the Outcomes Tools registration form HERE.