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Lost your dashboard password

If you ever forget your password, email ORH at outcomes@ohiorecoveryhousing.org and we’ll send a password reset link. DO NOT try to reset your password through Klipfolio. Klipfolio will not be able to help you.

Data Dashboard not working

If your dashboard is not working – try logging out and then logging back in. The system refreshes every 20 minutes – so your problems could be just a delay in the system and sometimes logging out and logging back in again can help reset things.

Web browser choices

ORH also recommends using Chrome or Firefox as your web browser. Sometimes those browsers work a bit better than Internet Explorer or other less robust browsers.

Contact ORH

Please feel free to contact ORH if you are having issues, and take a screenshot of the problem and send it to us. That screenshot is really helpful for us to see what you’re seeing – that way ORH can address the issue quickly and accurately. Contact ORH at outcomes@ohiorecoveryhousing.org.