Resident Driven-Length of Stay

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Recovery homes are not permitted to place arbitrary time limits on the length of stay of individuals within the recovery housing residence.


“A recovery housing residence shall not limit a resident’s duration of stay to an arbitrary or fixed amount of time. Instead, each resident’s duration of stay shall be determined by the resident’s needs, progress, and willingness to abide by the residence’s protocols, in collaboration with the residence’s operator, and, if appropriate, in consultation and integration with a community addiction services provider.” Section 340.034


(LEARN MORE from Ohio Laws and Administrative Rules about Recovery Housing Section 340.034 – Ohio Revised Code | Ohio Laws)


This means that policies that require individuals to move out of the home within a specific time period are not appropriate for recovery housing settings.  Consequently, to meet the standards for quality, recovery homes may not require that residents move out simply because they have completed their treatment services.