Rent Subsidies


Recovery homes may offer discounts, sliding fee scales, or subsidies on rent for residents who are unable to afford rent payments.  However, increases in rent payments cannot be used as a way of placing time limits on resident length of stay.  Recovery homes that offer such discounts must have defined strategies for assisting residents in being able make appropriate rent payments if and when fees are required to be increased.


Clarity and transparency in financial dealings with residents is a critical way that recovery homes ensure that they are operating an ethical recovery housing program. It must be clear that residents are informed of any rates that are charged by the recovery residence, as well as any additional charges that may occur.  For example, you may charge the resident rent, but then also charge residents for an activity fee, trash collection or other fees.


A recovery house must inform residents of any possible fees – before charges occur – so it is clear and avoids any misunderstanding.