Recovery Housing Basics and Definitions: Introduction

Recovery Housing Basics and Definitions > Recovery Housing Basics and Definitions: Introduction

There are many terms that people use when speaking about recovery housing, these include sober living, sober housing, halfway housing, three-quarter housing, and many others.


With so many different terms, it is no wonder that many people are confused about what recovery housing is, and what elements define recovery housing.


In Ohio, there is a clear definition of recovery housing within the Ohio Revised Code. Recovery housing is “housing for individuals recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction that provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with obtaining alcohol and drug addiction services, and other alcoholism and drug addiction recovery assistance.” (O.R.C. 340.01(3)


And halfway house means “a private, nonprofit organization or a governmental agency that provides programs or activities in areas directly concerned with housing and monitoring offenders who are under the community supervision of the department of rehabilitation and correction or whom a court places in a halfway house.” (O.R.C. 1520.102


The terms, sober living, sober housing, and three-quarter housing do not have definitions within the revised code, so they may mean different things to the different individuals and organizations that use them.


It is important to be clear what is meant by recovery housing, so individuals seeking housing, including family members and the community, can have a full understanding of the population served and the supports provided.

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