Resident Code of Conduct: Bias and Stigma

Creating a Resident Code of Conduct for a Recovery House > Resident Code of Conduct: Bias and Stigma


Also, in your Code of Conduct, consider using terms that DO NOT promote bias.

Substance use disorder is one of the most stigmatized conditions where the person diagnosed with SUD is stigmatized, but also the disease and the recovery home is stigmatized. Stigma is a huge barrier to recovery.

Watch this seven-minute video on stigma and language of SUD by Yale University (7:00).

Consider non-stigma language terms that do not promote inherited cultural bias, such as:

  • “Person in recovery” instead of “addict or former addict”
  • “Harmful use” instead of “abuse”
  • “Substance free / not substance free” instead of “clean / dirty”