Good Neighbor: Behavior Expectations

Being a Good Neighbor in Recovery Housing > Good Neighbor: Behavior Expectations


In addition to visually upkeep up the property, the recovery home needs to set behavior expectations for residents.

Your Code of Conduct should include details on how residents are to act in the neighborhood.  For example, the type of language residents use, especially if the home is located in an area where there are many small children.  Additionally, the home should consider if there should be quiet hours, where loud music, TVs, or be talking on the porch or in the yard is not permitted.

While not required, some homes consider additional steps that residents can take to demonstrate being good neighbors.  For example, some homes bake cookies for neighbors at the holiday season.  Other homes offer to shovel the driveways of near by neighbors in the winter or rake leaves for others in the fall.  While these strategies are not required, and each neighborhood is different, thinking of some of these may help you demonstrate that you are committed to being a good neighbor.