Good Neighbor: Property Upkeep

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Maintaining the property is a good way to show neighbors that you care about the community and that you and your residents also appreciate the opportunity to live and be a part of a neighborhood.

Consequently, recovery homes must maintain the property appropriately.  This means that the home must be in good condition, yard and/or any other space must be well maintained, and any exterior buildings are painted, as well as in good repair.  The outside of the recovery house should be free from trash and debris.  The yard should be well maintained, meaning the lawn is mowed, bushes appropriately trimmed, leaves raked in the fall, and snow removed from any sidewalks in the winter.

While it is not fair, recovery homes are often under additional scrutiny than the typical neighbor. So, there are other activities that may cause neighbors concern.  While these activities may seem harmless, they often things neighbors use to complain about recovery homes.   Therefore, recovery homes should not use indoor furniture as outdoor furniture or use blankets, towels or similar items in the place of curtains in windows.

While these may seem like small items, and others in the neighborhood may do this, it is another simple way homes can show that they are committed to being good neighbors.