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A critical component of your recovery housing environment is your statement of resident rights. As a recovery housing operator, you will be creating a culture and environment in your home that is respectful of the rights of people in recovery and a culture that promotes the social model of recovery, where residents are empowered and supported. Residents not only need to understand what is expected of them when they live in a recovery home, but they should also know what they can expect from you and how they can expect to be treated when living in the recovery home.

A resident should be able to read this document and know that they are going to be living in a home operated by an organization that is committed to operating in a legal and ethical manner. They should know that they are a person of worth and value and they are participating in a program that is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. They should also know that they will be treated with dignity and respect.

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Creating a Communicable Disease Policy Overview
Communicable Disease Policies: Exercise
Why a Communicable Disease Prevention Policy is Important
Can I Ask a Resident About Their Health Condition?
Communicable Disease Policies: CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING QUIZ #1
Communicable Disease Policy Requirements
Physical Property Policy Requirements
Communicable Disease Policies - CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING #2
Actively Encourage Regular Handwashing
Create a Chore Chart for General House Cleaning
Remind Resident and Staff About the Risks of Sharing Personal Items
Use Universal Precautions
Provide Residents with Information About Preventative Health Care and Vaccines
Avoid Having a Joint Communicable Disease Policy with Treatment Facilities
Communicable Disease Policies - CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING QUIZ #3
Write Your Communicable Disease Prevention Policy
House Code of Conduct
House Codes of Conduct and the Social Model of Recovery
Resident Code of Conduct: Assessment #1
Language for House Codes of Conduct
Language Journal Question 1
Language Journal Question 2
Language Part 2
Language Part 3
Suggested Processes for Developing Code of Conduct
House Code of Conduct Development Question 1
House Code of Conduct - Environment Free from Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
House Code of Conduct Development Question 2
House Code of Conduct Promote Recovery
House Code of Conduct Development Question 3
House Code of Conduct Healthy Household
House Code of Conduct Development Question 4
House Code of Conduct Harmonious Environment
House Code of Conduct Discussion Question 5
House Code of Conduct Development Good Neighbor
Enforcement of Code of Conduct
House Code of Conduct
Resident Rights Statements
Resident Rights
Finalizing Your Resident Rights Statement
Resident Rights Statement: Upload a DRAFT Document