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When former residents of recovery housing are asked about what made their stay in recovery housing successful, many mention the structure that was provided in the home.  Your house’s Code of Conduct is the basis for this structure.  The effectiveness of the Code of Conduct lies not in what specific requirements or agreements are included, but in the ownership of the Code of Conduct by the residents in the home.  In a social model environment, residents of recovery housing take ownership and responsibility for ensuring that the Code of Conduct is implemented.  During this session we hope that you will gain knowledge about the Code of Conduct, as well as some practical skills for developing and evaluating a Code of Conduct.

You will

  • Learn how to advance the social model of recovery in your recovery home with effective house codes of conduct
  • Evaluate language choices and how they can be used to implement the social model of recovery in house codes of conduct
  • Identify processes and plans for development of codes of conduct.
  • Discuss process for how to handle any situations where a resident is not upholding the Code of conduct