ORH Outcomes Tools Training


This training will provide an introduction to the ORH outcomes tools and basic instructions for their use. This trainings is designed to ensure that you know how the tool is to be used, as well as for you to ensure that your home is loaded into the system appropriately, and that all of your data is captured in the correct manner. This training is designed for the person who will be assisting residents as they complete the resident-driven survey component of the outcomes tools.

You will also have access to a data dashboard – this will show summary information of your data. We highly encourage anyone who may be interested in using the summary data information for your organization attend this training. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who does communications, fundraising, grant writing or grant reporting for your organization.

Other community partners are welcome to take this training and ask us questions about the outcomes tool to increase their knowledge of the tools. Just keep in mind that the training is designed for those who are actively using the tools to collect data.

This online self-directed training can take place of attending a live webinar. However, you may wish to attend a live webinar if you need additional training or have additional questions.

Previously, the ORH outcomes tool has only been available to Ohio Recovery Housing certified Associates. Through the support of OhioMHAS – ORH is now able to offer the ORH outcomes tools to all recovery housing operators in Ohio!


You must be an operator of recovery housing in the state of Ohio as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 340.01 https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-340.01


This training will:

  1. Provide a preview of ORH resident survey
  2. Explain what information needs to be submitted to ORH in order to allow residents to start completing the resident survey
Est. Time1 hr 31 min