Section 3: The Outcomes Survey

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The first part of the outcomes tools is the resident survey.


The ORH Outcomes survey was designed to be resident driven. This means that the tools are designed to have a resident complete the survey and share their direct information.


It is not meant to be administered by staff or volunteers. However, staff and volunteers may assist residents if they need help.


There is an option for a staff person to complete a move-out survey for a resident who has moved out without notice. This option should be used sparingly.


The survey was designed to be compliant with both HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2. Therefore, no personal information about residents, such as names, birthdates, or social security numbers are collected or stored. They survey also does not ask questions about health care, disease or other protected information.


Residents complete the resident survey at three time intervals:

  1. Move-In
  2. Six Months
  3. Move-Out


The surveys must be completed within two-weeks of the persons move-in date, six month anniversary of living in the program, or two-weeks of move-out. The time periods can not be adjusted. As all data is recorded as of the date the survey is completed, it is not possible to go back in time to enter or capture old surveys.


The surveys also track participation in your entire program. Use the following as an example. An organization operates both Level III and Level II housing. A resident moves into the Level III and completes the move-in survey in January. Then, the resident transitions to the Level II home in March. In June, after they have been in the program for six months, the resident will complete the six-month survey, selecting the home that they currently live in. When the resident moves out, they will complete the move-out survey based on the home that they were living in when they moved out.


Residents who have multiple experiences with your program would complete the surveys for each experience with your program. Residents should only complete another move-in survey if they have left your program completely, and then return to the program at a later date.


To log into the survey, operators or staff will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ORH website at
  2. Select Resources for Operators from the menu bar at the top of the page
  3. In the Resources for Operators drop down menu, select Outcomes Tool
  4. A page will appear where you will be prompted to select Outcomes Survey. Another page will appear where you will be prompted to select either the staff survey or the residents survey. The resident survey should be the survey you are typically selecting. The staff survey should ONLY be selected if a staff member is filling out the survey on behalf of a resident who left without notice and is no longer living in the recovery home.
  5. Once you select the appropriate survey, the Guest Area will pop up and prompt you for a password. The password for both the resident version and the staff version is recovery-ohio.
  6. Now that you’ve logged in, a page with directions will appear. Now it’s time for the resident to sit down and take the survey themselves!


When the resident sits down to take the survey, they will be prompted to answer two questions to identify the home they live in. The answers to these questions ensure your resident’s data is appropriately attributed to your organization. If you do not select the correct home, your surveys will be attributed to the wrong organization. It is critically important that you have residents select the correct home!


All homes are listed in the survey in the format Organization Name: House Name. It is best practice to write exactly how your home appears on the survey tool on a sticky note or notecard and place it near the device the resident is filling out the survey on. It is your responsibility to ensure residents know which home to select.


Let’s review these steps!


Categories of questions in the survey include:

  • Demographics
  • Addiction History
  • Previous Living Situation and destination at move out
  • Economic and social circumstances (i.e. debts, documentation, parenting status)
  • Education and Employment
  • Experience with recovery and recovery supports
  • Recovery Capital
  • Questions about their experience as a resident (upon move out)


Before you get started using the survey, let’s go over some reminders.


Survey Completion Intervals: There are three time intervals for residents to complete the outcomes survey: at move-in, at six months, and at move out. Residents should only complete the outcomes survey within two weeks of each time interval. The survey should not be completed for a time interval once the resident is past the two-week time period. This means, when you are first implementing the survey in your home(s), you would only have residents who are within 2 weeks of one of the three time intervals complete the survey. Resident should not collect any back data from a time interval that is further than 2 weeks previous.


Online System: Our outcomes survey exists completely online and as such updates automatically without the need to download any software. This means that the surveys must be completed using our system online. ORH will not accept paper surveys. Surveys are timestamped and must be completed online during the appropriate time interval.


Clicking Submit: At the end of the survey, residents must click the submit button. If residents do not select the submit button and close out of the browser, the data they entered will not be saved and is lost. The survey must be completed in its entirety in one sitting—you cannot save and complete the survey at a later date. It is your responsibility to ensure residents understand how to complete and submit the survey.


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