Section 5: Next Steps – Registering for the Outcomes Tools

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Now that you have attended the outcomes tools training, it’s time to complete your outcomes registration form. The online outcomes registration form is the final step before you can start using the outcomes tools.


As we noted earlier in this training, the outcomes tools tracks data by the specific house that residents live in. Residents will be selecting your home from a list of over two hundred other homes, and it is your responsibility to ensure residents know which home to select. Each physical property will be listed on the survey in the format Organization Name: House Name. Once we receive your registration form, your organization name and house name cannot be changed in the survey tool. Make sure everyone at your organization agrees on the names you submit


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Each organization should only fill out one form. ORH will register your organization based on the first form submitted to us, any additional forms will be discarded. Please give ORH 5 business days to process your request.