House Code of Conduct

Now that you have completed this lesson and all of the journal entries, you have learned enough information to compile your Code of Conduct.  Take a look at your previous journal entries from this session.  You should have many ideas of elements to include in your code of conduct, as well as your potential response to any violations of the Code of Conduct.

Compile these into a comprehensive document to form your Code of Conduct.  You can upload your Code of Conduct here as the final Assignment for this lesson.

Max. file size: 16 MB.

Course Syllabus

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Creating a Communicable Disease Policies for Recovery Housing
Communicable Disease Policies: Overview
Communicable Disease Policies: Exercise
Why a Communicable Disease Prevention Policy is Important
Can I Ask a Resident About Their Health Condition?
Communicable Disease Policies: CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING QUIZ #1
Communicable Disease Policy Requirements
Physical Property Policy Requirements
Communicable Disease Policies - CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING #2
Actively Encourage Regular Handwashing
Create a Chore Chart for General House Cleaning
Remind Resident and Staff About the Risks of Sharing Personal Items
Use Universal Precautions
Provide Residents with Information About Preventative Health Care and Vaccines
Avoid Having a Joint Communicable Disease Policy with Treatment Facilities
Communicable Disease Policies - CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING QUIZ #3
Write Your Communicable Disease Prevention Policy
Upload a DRAFT of your Communicable Disease Prevention Policy
Communicable Disease Prevention Policy FINAL STEPS
Post Training Survey
House Code of Conduct
House Codes of Conduct and the Social Model of Recovery
Social Model and House Code of Conduct Assessment
Language for House Codes of Conduct
Language Journal Question 1
Language Journal Question 2
Language Part 2
Language Part 3
Suggested Processes for Developing Code of Conduct
House Code of Conduct Development Question 1
House Code of Conduct - Environment Free from Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
House Code of Conduct Development Question 2
House Code of Conduct Promote Recovery
House Code of Conduct Development Question 3
House Code of Conduct Healthy Household
House Code of Conduct Development Question 4
House Code of Conduct Harmonious Environment
House Code of Conduct Discussion Question 5
House Code of Conduct Development Good Neighbor
Enforcement of Code of Conduct
House Code of Conduct
Resident Rights Statements
Resident Rights
Finalizing Your Resident Rights Statement
Resident Rights Statement Assessment