Promoting Physical Safety

In addition to a trauma informed environment, there are also aspects of the physical environment that ensure resident safety.

The ORH quality standards examine basic health and safety, homelike environment, property maintenance, and trauma informed principles.  But ORH is not responsible for checking homes for compliance with building codes or examining properties for structural or system safety.  Organizations must contact appropriate professionals to determine building and safety code compliance as well as appropriate maintenance and functioning of all aspects of the structure and systems.


Ways to ensure a home is physically safe…

  • Make certain overdose reversal medication is accessible and appropriate people are trained to deliver it.

  • Maintain all appliances, systems, and structures.

  • Have an emergency preparedness and disaster plan.

  • Ensure that there are functioning egresses for all resident sleeping rooms and other appropriate spaces.

  • Require residents to either not smoke on the property at all, or only smoke in a specified outdoor area.

  • Maintain a hygienic environment by providing appropriate supplies for residents to maintain a clean environment.

  • Provide appropriate storage for any resident medications.

  • Make sure that there are no overloaded outlets or loose wires and that all outlets have appropriate covers.

  • For homes that have children, there are age-appropriate child safety items in place.