How To Create a Homelike Environment Within the Recovery Home

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Recovery housing is meant to be a homelike environment. When it comes to the physical property of the house, the following considerations are important for maintaining a homelike environment.

  • Ensure residents have appropriate methods for entering and leaving the building.  Residents should have their own key code or a key to the house and should not be locked in or out of the house.

  • Allow residents to use the kitchen when they want to – so residents can prepare meals or have a snack when they need to. And make sure dining areas are large enough and have enough seating to accommodate all residents for a group meal.

  • Allow residents to use the living room, dining room and other common spaces without pre-approval to encourage social gathering and interaction. And have a meeting space large enough so all residents can gather comfortably.

  • Furniture in the home should be appropriate for a home-like environment and should be used for its intended purpose (IE: a couch is not a bed).

  • Social activities, games and other materials should be provided to encourage residents to informally gather and build relationships.

  • Decorations should encourage a homelike environment. Items such as rugs, picture frames, curtains and the ensuring walls are nicely painted to create a welcoming environment.

  • Ensure residents have needed supplies to live in the home, such as sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other needed items. Keep the house stocked and contact local social service agencies if there is a resident with a particular need.


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