Incident Reporting Policy: What is an Incident?

Creating an Incident Reporting Policy for Recovery Housing > Incident Reporting Policy: What is an Incident?


Generally, an incident is any event or occurrence that is not consistent with the routine operations, policies or procedures of a program.  An incident may or may not result in a grievance.

A recovery housing organization should be clear to staff and residents on what is an incident, and why reporting is required in maintaining a safe recovery home for everyone.

Recovery housing programs are able to modify their incident reporting process, but at a minimum, the following events should be considered incidents and that they are appropriately reported, documented and responded to:

  • Overdose
  • Use of illicit substances or alcohol on the property
  • Missing medication or finding substances within the recovery home
  • Sexual or physical harassment or assault
  • Resident’s serious injury or death
  • Visitor’s serious injury or death on the property
  • Anytime emergency response personnel are called to the house