Illicit Substance Screening: Required Components cont.

Illicit Drug and Alcohol Screening in Recovery Housing > Illicit Substance Screening: Required Components cont.


Required Components of an Illicit Drug and Alcohol Screening for the National Quality Standards.

All recovery homes must have a process in place for ensuring illicit drugs and alcohol screenings are performed if there is a suspicion of use.

Circumstances that indicate a suspicion of use may include, but are not limited to…

  • A resident displaying unusual behavior that indicates that they may have been using substances.
  • Other residents have expressed concern about the resident possibly using substances.
  • Reports from partners in the community, such as employers or other program providers have expressed concerns about the resident that indicate that they may be using illicit substances or consuming alcohol.

All individuals who are living in the home may be subject to a screening based on suspicion of use.

  • If a person is a staff member as well as a resident, an organization may refer to their human resources policy regarding drug and alcohol-free working environments and associated screening requirements.
  • A recovery housing program can offer recovery housing for families or allows children to live with their parents in the recovery housing, and an individual is suspected of use and it is a family member of a person receiving recovery services, and not the individual themselves, your program should have a policy on how this is addressed.  For example, in a family environment, if a person’s spouse is suspected of using substances or a person’s teenage child is suspected of using substances.  The policy must uphold the illicit drug and alcohol-free living environment for all residents while also ensure that the whole family is connected to services and supports.