Recovery Housing Staffing Assessment

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No matter the level of support, recovery homes need to have an individual, whether it is a volunteer, paid staff or independent contractor, who is responsible for things.(Required)
Which staff responsibility is NOT required from any staff member, whether it is a volunteer, paid staff, or independent contractor?(Required)
Which of these is NOT a required PAID staff responsibility?(Required)
There must be one PAID staff person whenever a resident is present in a Level III recovery house to perform which task?(Required)
In a Level II house, a paid staff person MUST visit the physical property at least twice a day and spend enough time at the home to ensure that all residents are accounted for, residents do not need additional support and that the house is free from substance use.(Required)
Each position assignment description must contain the role of the person, who will be supervising that person, the responsibilities they will have, and be signed by both the individual and a representative of the organization.(Required)