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There are specific ORH standards regarding appropriate staffing in recovery residences. Staffing requirements are based on the level of supervision a resident is likely to need at a specific Level of Support.


Level III homes are considered supervised homes. This means that there is a staff person present whenever residents are present in the house. If all the residents leave the house to attend an event or gathering, the staff person is expected to be with the residents at the event.

Level II homes are considered monitored homes. There needs to be an appropriate presence in the home to ensure that the home remains properly recovery supportive, that someone knows where residents are and checks on them at least once a day to ensure that they are doing well.

As indicated before, Level I homes are peer run. There are no staff members in the Level I home, but staff may stop by to ensure that the property is meeting standards, to perform appropriately required screenings and to respond to any concerns. There is no minimum required amount of time that staff need to stop by the home.

Let’s look in more detail at Recovery Housing Levels III and II.