Staffing: Essential Staff Responsibilities at Level II Recovery Houses

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Level II recovery homes are monitored environments. This means that there is at least one compensated person who has responsibilities within the home, but paid individuals are not with residents at the home whenever residents are present.

The following are the essential responsibilities of a Level II:

  • A paid staff person visits the physical property at least four days a week and spends enough time at the home to ensure that all residents are accounted for, residents do not need additional support and that the house is free from substance use
  • This means that a compensated person is NOT required to live within the home


The following essential responsibilities can be performed by individuals who are compensated or volunteers:

  • There must be a person who meets with residents at least weekly about their recovery plans. This can be a paid staff position, volunteer or an outside peer supporter from another agency. The point is to ensure that there is someone meeting with the resident each week to help them set and monitor their recovery goals
  • There must be a person who checks in with residents on a daily basis to ensure that they are safe and do not need any additional support. This can be in person or via phone or text. The important feature is that residents are monitored. They know that someone will be checking in with them each day, and if they do not respond appropriately, then the home will take further action to see if the resident is okay or needs support.
  • There must be a person who is responsible for developing relationships with residents and helping to monitor for any potential warning signs that a resident may be headed towards a recurrence of use and, if so, ensure they are connected to more support