Levels of Support in Recovery Housing > Level of Support CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING QUIZ #1

What Level of Recovery housing is most appropriate based on the information provided? 

An operator has a “graduate” house. It is designed for people who have stayed in their other houses for over six months, have stable jobs and employment, and do not need as many supports as newer residents.(Required)
An operator only provides housing for residents who receive clinical treatment services from their outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization program. Once residents’ complete treatment services, they must leave the residence.(Required)
The house accepts people very early in recovery and has staff available whenever residents are present. When residents first move in, there are many requirements and staff engagement. The longer residents live in the house and maintain recovery the fewer restrictions they may have, for example, a later curfew and overnight passes. All residents live in the same building.(Required)
Level I recovery homes do not require documented recovery plans, but all residents must have recovery goals and be supported by one another in achieving those goals.(Required)
Level IV recovery housing programs are certified by both ORH and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.(Required)