Recurrence of Use in Recovery Housing


You may have heard the term “Relapse” or have heard people say “Recurrence of Symptoms.” These are all phrases that are used because as the understanding of the disease of addiction advances so does the terminology regarding different aspects of a person’s recovery experience.  But there is a lack of consensus on many of these terms and definitions. Recurrence of Use is recognized as a process, and requires that recovery housing view each incident with a person-centered approach with the goal of ensuring safety, reducing trauma, allowing residents to learn from the experience, and providing support to break the cycle of the recurrence of use.

  • Learn strategies for prevent Recurrence of Use,
  • How to maintain the safety and health of the other residents in the recovery house, and
  • How to address the Recurrence of Use individually and what the expectations are of the residents moving forward.
Est. Time25 min