Resident Rent/Lease Agreement: Clarity in Purpose

Resident Rent-Lease Agreement in Recovery Housing > Resident Rent/Lease Agreement: Clarity in Purpose


Your resident agreement must be clear that the property is a recovery housing residence as defined by the Ohio Revised Code.

The state of Ohio as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 340.01

And halfway house means “a private, nonprofit organization or a governmental agency that provides programs or activities in areas directly concerned with housing and monitoring offenders who are under the community supervision of the department of rehabilitation and correction or whom a court places in a halfway house.” (O.R.C. 1520.102

It is critical that it be clear that as a recovery housing residence defined in the Ohio Revised Code, the property is free from illicit drugs (including recreational cannabis) and alcohol.

Your resident rent agreement must reference your organization’s policies and procedures, so it is clear that all residents agree to follow these policies in order to maintain a safe, supportive and sober living environment.

The policies and procedures do not need to be copied word-for-word into the resident agreement, but they do need to be included by reference.

So, it is important to be clear what is meant by recovery housing, so individuals seeking housing, including family members and the community, can have a full understanding of the population served and the supports provided.

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