Recurrence of Use: Individualized Plans

Recurrence of Use in Recovery Housing > Recurrence of Use: Individualized Plans


The best time to discuss recurrence of use is before it happens.

Best practice is to work with residents, individually, when they move into the home on a plan for what will happen should they experience a Recurrence of Use.

This previously discussed plan should be implemented after any immediate medical needs are addressed and should include…

  • Treatment providers, mutual aid supports, and recovery coaches that can be contacted for additional support of the resident.
  • Next steps the home will take to address the Recurrence of Use and expectations of residents.
  • A safe space the resident can go and a person they can contact if they need to leave the home to support the health and safety of other residents.


Watch this 9 minute video Practice Demonstration – Relapse Prevention Counseling from Dartmouth University (08:51)