Medication Policy: Medication Tracking

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Tracking logs for medications

Completing tracking or logs of medications is an important way to ensure that residents are using the medications as prescribed and medication is not diverted.

The requirements around medication tracking vary by the level of support.

For Level I homes, residents complete any medication logs on their own, and keep track of their own medications.  These logs are important, because if there is ever a suspicion that medications have been diverted or not being taken as prescribed, residents can demonstrate what is happening with a medication log.

In Level II homes, residents complete medications and the logs on their own.  However, at minimum, these logs need to be checked by a staff person on a regular basis.  This person must periodically observe the resident count their medication and make sure the count in the log matches the prescription and the amount in the container.  This ensures that residents are taking the medication as prescribed.

In a Level III environment, staff observe and support residents as they count, log and take their own medications each time medications are taken by the resident