ER Preparedness: Electricity


Extension cords should be used appropriately. So, no using multiple cords or using them to bring power from one room to another.  They also should not be run under rugs or create a trip hazard.


Appliances must be used and stored appropriately.  If your property is a typical single family home, there is no reason why they should need their own toaster oven, refrigerator, coffee pot, or other heated element in their bedroom with all of their fabric clothes and other fire hazard.  Therefore, these items should be in the kitchen.  This is not only because of heated elements,  but also because of electric capacity.  In single family homes, bedrooms are not typically wired to have these types of items running and that may cause a fire safety issue.

WATCH Extension Cord Safety also from the Electrical Safety Foundation


(DOWNLOAD “Extension Safety Tips” and “Use Extension Cords Properly” poster from Electrical Safety Foundation HERE and HERE.)