Administrative Policy and Procedures

Every recovery residence will have operational features as well as therapeutic features. The principles and individual standards contained within “NARR Standard Domain 1, Administrative Operations” describe the infrastructure of a recovery home. Any recovery residence can promote itself as safe and stable, but a certified recovery residence must be able to demonstrate these minimum administrative standards. While operational features may seem separate from those that promote social model recovery, the motivations for these features are rooted in the model’s framework and are therefore distinct from other living environments that also employ common sense operational practices. The motivations are described by the following principles.

  • Principle A. Operate with integrity: Standards 1-4
  • Principle B. Uphold residents’ rights: Standards 5 and 6
  • Principle C. Create a culture of empowerment where residents engage in governance and leadership: Standards 7 and 8
Est. Time1 min