Recurrence of Use: Assessment #3

Recurrence of Use in Recovery Housing > Recurrence of Use: Assessment #3
NARR standards require that residents who experience a recurrence of use be asked to leave or evicted from the property.(Required)
NARR quality standards do require that the incident be recorded and addressed immediately.(Required)
When a resident moves into a recovery home, it is a best practice is to work with them individually on a plan for what will happen should the resident experience a recurrence of use.(Required)
A recovery home should have an emergency response plan to address a potential overdose, including that Naloxone needs to be available in an accessible location and that all residents, staff and others should be offered training in how to administer Naloxone.(Required)
If a resident is determined to be able to remain in housing, the home should work with the resident to reevaluate their recurrence of use prevention plan, adjust any goals and increase any supports.(Required)
If a resident is unable or no longer wishes to live in recovery housing, the resident must be provided with a referral to treatment, recovery supports or another housing option, and these referrals must be appropriately documented.(Required)
A recovery home can increase awareness by doing which of the following?(Required)