Services and Supports within the Levels of Support

All recovery homes provide recovery planning and appropriate supports. These requirements will vary based on the amount of support a resident is likely to need to be successful in their recovery plans.

In Level III homes residents often have many complex situations happening in their lives. For example, many residents could still be completing treatment, court orders or other programs. They may need additional support and assistance in navigating these complex systems to ensure that they are meeting all the requirements expected of them. Consequently, it is important that the home focuses on supportive measures so a resident can meet these obligations. At minimum, Level III recovery homes must document weekly meetings where residents can indicate progress made on their recovery goals.

Residents in a Level II home often need support with multiple life goals, such as finding employment, finishing treatment programs, or improving relationships with friends and family. Individualized recovery planning is an excellent way to support residents in meeting these goals. In Level II homes, residents must have a documented recovery plan, and weekly meetings to track and document their progress.

In Level I homes residents have already progressed to where they no longer need a documented recovery plan. Residents check in with one another and support one another in their goals, often at weekly house meetings to identify, discuss and track recovery progress.

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  • Services and Supports within the Levels of Support