Physical Property Policy Requirements


For a Communicable Disease Prevention policy to meet NARR Standards, you need to have specific physical aspects written within the document designed to support a healthy environment.

These include:

  1. Handwashing supplies at all sinks in bathrooms and kitchens.

Having handwashing supplies available demonstrates that residents are able and are actively complying with recommendations to wash their hands frequently, including before, during and after using the restroom or preparing meals.

  1. Appropriate cleaning supplies – keeping your home clean is an important way that you can reduce the spread of communicable disease, food borne illnesses, as well as reduce other hazards.

To demonstrate that your home is implementing the policy appropriately, the following items must be on site.

      1. A vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan
      2. A mop, bucket, and floor cleaner
      3. Sponges, cleaning rags, or paper towels
      4. Cleaner for kitchen counters, bathroom sinks
      5. A toilet brush or appropriate tool to clean toilets and cleaner that can be used to disinfect toilets.
      6. Appropriate dishwashing soap or detergent for cleaning dishes

Course Syllabus

  • Physical Property Policy Requirements