Determining Support Level

All Levels of Support in recovery housing are important, needed, and different. No Level of Support is better or worse than the others.

Setting up a recovery house requires considerable time, energy, and investment to ensure that the recovery house meets the needs and expectations of residents and the community.

If you are a new operator of recovery housing purposefully consider what Level of Support you would like to offer. Research the needs of your target population to ensure that the Level of Support you are offering is going to meet those needs.

You may have heard of the Social Model of Recovery which empowers the interaction of the community to focus on personal improvement.

Recovery residences in Ohio are to provide more than space, beds, dining areas, and rules, but also to engage the resident to help them improve their health and wellness, gain the courage to self-direct their lives in healthy ways; strive for their full potential (as individuals, workers/professionals, family members, community members, and citizens of nations) – beside providing a sober and safe living environment.

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Let’s continue breaking down Level I, II, and III and look at the administration within the home, services provided within the home, and staff requirement for the home.

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  • Determining Support Level