Your Role as a Peer Reviewer

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As a Peer Reviewer, you will be joining ORH as a contractor.  ORH is contracting with you to complete an examination of a recovery house, provide a list of any quality improvements that need to be made to the property to receive an ORH certification, as well as to provide advice and support to the operator during the review process.


During the review it is important that you remember:

  • You are acting as a contractor for ORH.

  • We are not building code inspectors, attorneys, or representatives for the State of Ohio or any of Ohio’s Departments.

  • We are not acting as clinicians or licensed practitioners.

  • We are not experts in tax or human resources policies.


Some applicants may be confused about the review process, our role, or what authority we have.  Therefore, it is encumbered upon us to help explain things to the certification applicants in a manner that helps avoid confusion.

When you are on a recovery house review, you will be accompanied by an ORH staff member.  This staff person is there to provide information about ORH, answer questions about our process, and to help you with the specific standards and definitions.  ORH staff know what the minimum requirements are and can help you determine if something meets those requirements or not.  You and the ORH staff member will act as a team throughout the review process to ensure that the entire program is examined, the physical property is reviewed, as well as all answer any questions that are asked.