Privacy Policies: Resident Expectations

Privacy Policies in Recovery Housing > Privacy Policies: Resident Expectations


While it is critical for staff, volunteers and leaders to understand an organization’s privacy policy, it is also important to set expectations for residents in the home.


Have a clear separate policy regarding privacy for residents, or add items to the Code of Conduct that promotes community privacy.  Be clear to residents that when they are living in the home, they know what they can share and not share about others living in the home, and why this is important.  

For example, if someone stops by the recovery home, or runs into a resident at work or at the grocery store and asks “Hey, you live with Jane Doe, right?” how do you want the resident to respond?

In the moment, it might seem harmless, but revealing information might actually be compromising for the individual involved.

Also, residents may have visitors to the recovery home.  It is a good idea to ask residents to request that their visitors also respect the privacy of others.

Finally, social media is everywhere.  It is a good idea to talk to residents about what is appropriate to post on social media, such as photos of other residents, the location of the house, etc.