Privacy Policies: Staff Training is Important

Privacy Policies in Recovery Housing > Privacy Policies: Staff Training is Important


It is important that all staff, volunteers and leaders are trained on an organization’s privacy policies.

When providing training, consider specific scenarios…

  • When someone calls the recovery home looking for the resident and wants to verify that they live there – this could be anyone from a parent to perhaps a potential employer – how does an organization want that situation handled?  The privacy policy should be clear and all staff should be trained.  

  • There are also emergencies where perhaps something happens to the resident outside of the home, and emergency services contact the recovery housing organization looking for information.  Or, perhaps the resident experience a medical emergency at the house and they need to be taken to the hospital.  A privacy policy should address what will be done in the case of such emergencies.

A clear well written privacy policy should be able to guide staff in what they should do in such circumstances.

Draft the privacy policy and then share it with legal counsel to ensure that the policy is in compliance with all laws that are applicable to an organization.