Peer Reviewer: Other Considerations

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Know Your Organization’s Policies

Before going out on reviews, ensure that you are in compliance with your own organization’s policies and procedures.

Inform your supervisor that you would like to do reviews and ask about any possible employment policies you need to follow, including requests for time off, outside employment, and how to notify your supervisor.

Maintain Confidentiality

As a Peer Reviewer you will be reviewing other programs.  To help us provide the best experience possible, we ask that you do not speak about the review to others besides the ORH staff.  Keeping the review confidential will help ORH maintain positive relationships with applicants and ensure a spirit of collaboration.

Canceling Your Scheduled Review

If you feel that you cannot make a scheduled review due to illness, weather conditions, or other circumstances, please inform ORH immediately so ORH can find another reviewer or reschedule the review.

Practice Safety

If there is ever a time during the review where you feel unsafe, take appropriate and reasonable action to get to a place where you do feel safe.  This might mean that you need to leave the review.  Once you are safe, contact the ORH staff and let us know what happened.  We value your safety and know that you may need to take steps to ensure your safety.