Conflicts of Interest

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Conflicts of interest should be avoided at all times. In situations where a conflict cannot be avoided, ORH requires that conflict to be transparent and managed as best as possible.


Therefore, ORH ask that you notify us if the recovery home or organization you are asked to review:

  • Is owned, operated or has been owned or operated by you, a family member, close friend, or business associate.

  • Is considered a competitor for grant purposes or fundraising.

  • Have served or is currently serving your family, close friends, or business associates.

  • If you feel that you cannot be impartial.

  • If you feel that the applicant may feel that you cannot be impartial.


ORH does not know your history, your friends, or your family.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to make us aware of a conflict of interest.  You do not need to mention the reasons for the conflict of interest, just that you have a conflict of interest.  ORH will work to find another reviewer, and work to assign other reviews to you.


If you become aware of a conflict as you are already in the middle of a review process, notify ORH right away so we can manage it in a timely and transparent manner.