Applying The Social Model to The Physical Environment


The social model focuses on getting residents to not only receive support but give support to one another, and the physical environment within a recovery home can be structured in a way that encourages this.


A recovery home that supports the social model has…

  • Spaces within the house where residents can interact with one another in comfort.

  • Spaces within the house to ensure privacy when residents need privacy.

  • Furnishings that are clean, comfortable and encourage residents to use them.

  • Well-maintained spaces that are not only clean and safe, but where people want to stay and interact.

  • Ways for residents to personalize and maintain the space(s) for themselves.


All these elements of physical property can create an environment where residents are able to interact with one another while taking ownership of their personal space.

Course Syllabus

  • Applying The Social Model to The Physical Environment