Outcomes Training Assessment

After completing the following assessment, you will be given access to the online outcomes tools registration form.

1. True or false: You have to be certified to use the ORH outcomes tools.(Required)
2. True or False: The outcomes survey should typically be completed by residents themselves.(Required)
3. If a resident has been living in your home for 3 months when you begin implementing the outcomes tools at the home, what is the first survey interval this resident should complete?(Required)
4. True or False: I remember the password to access the outcomes survey.(Required)
5. True or False: I should always select the staff survey when logging into the outcomes survey.(Required)
6. True or False: I can sign up for a Klipfolio account on my own through the Klipfolio website.(Required)
7. I forgot my data dashboard password? What should I do to access my data?(Required)
8. True or False: Operators who log into their Klipfolio account without ever having submitted a resident survey will see a blank webpage.(Required)
9. True or False: I just saw a resident complete a survey 3 minutes ago and it hasn’t appeared on my data dashboard yet, the outcomes tools must be broken!(Required)
10. True or False: My home is currently listed in the survey tool but I registered the name incorrectly, ORH can edit the name listed for me.(Required)
11. Now that you have completed the ORH outcomes tools training, what is the next step for beginning to use the ORH outcomes tools?(Required)

Course Syllabus

  • Outcomes Training Assessment