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People living in recovery housing will all be coming from different backgrounds, age groups, races, ethnicities, and life experiences.  All of these experiences make for wonderful new perspectives and ways for people to learn and grow together.  It can also sometimes create situations where it can be hard for people to get along.  Adding elements to your Code of Conduct can help residents understand what is appropriate to do so you can maintain harmony within the home.  Consider adding the following elements to your Code of Conduct.

At minimum your Code of Conduct must address

  • That residents agree to maintain appropriate boundaries with staff, this includes not having personal romantic relationships with staff.  Residents understand that they should report any inappropriate staff or resident behavior to the operator
  • Residents understand that staff should never borrow or lend money or items of value to residents, and that if they are asked to do so, they should tell the operator

Other items to consider include

  • Residents agree not to lend money or other items of significant value to one another
  • Residents agree not to enter personal romantic or sexual relationships with other residents
  • Residents agree to accept, support and actively welcome all residents regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.
  • Residents agree to treat other residents and staff with respect.  This means not using derogatory or threatening language.
  • Residents also agree to refer to others by the appropriate name and pronouns
  • Residents agree not to take food or other items that do not belong to them
  • Residents agree to not wear or display language or symbols that are offensive, discriminatory or hateful.